Erin Deighton, Director

Erin's love of music can be traced back as far as her first conducting experience in front of the rhythm band at her Kindergarten graduation.

Since that time, she has studied piano, voice and percussion, which lead her to the Bachelor of Music Education program at McMaster University. There, she performed as a percussionist with the McMaster Musical Theatre Company, as Principal Percussionist with the McMaster University Concert Band and as a singer in the Bach Elgar Choir. After leaving McMaster, Erin continued her studies in education at the University of Western Ontario and attended master's level conducting courses at the University of Calgary.  She has taught music in Moose Factory, Ontario, and throughout the West Midlands in England.

Erin is currently in her 17th year teaching K-7 Music at Collingwood School in West Vancouver. There she directs several co-curricular choirs and most recently was the Music Director for Annie, Beauty and the Beast, Peter Pan and Shrek Jr.  In her spare time, Erin enjoys performing in Higher Ground Women’s Vocal Ensemble and studies Taiko drumming.

Each year, Erin looks forward to sharing her passion for music and art in this intimate camp environment.